A flat zipper pouch resembling a cat and personalised (purr-sonalised) with your hand embroidered name! Purrfect for keeping cards, cash, coins and keys. This pouch features hand embroidered whiskers and heart-shaped nose, as well as ears and tail made using cotton canvas. The pouch itself is made using cotton canvas and lined with cat print cotton.


🐱 5 in. H by 5 in. W

🐱 Hand embroidered name (up to 6 letters only)

🐱 Fleece padding

🐱 Cat clasp keychain

🐱 YKK metal zipper


*Actual colour may vary slightly.


Every hand embroidered name is unique and there may be differences to its style.


Each pouch is made upon order, so kindly expect a processing time of 8-10 working days, in addition to local delivery and international shipping time.


Handmade by a husband-wife pair in Singapore.

Cat Pouch in Blue/Pink with Hand Embroidered Name

Name Embroidery Colour

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